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New Company Formations in the UK and Overseas

Monday 23rd of July 2018

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New UK Company Formations

Overseas Corporate Services Ltd offer a range of services that can allow businesses, individuals or wealth management organisations to benefit from the formation of new companies in the UK. The UK offers a range of benefits to anyone who wants to take advantage of the unique position of the UK in the international marketplace and establish a business within the United Kingdom jurisdiction.

Our dedicated team of company formation specialists work with a global network of legal experts and professional accountants to establish businesses in desired jurisdictions according to local authority regulations.

Company Formation Services in the UK

If you or your business wants to benefit from a formation of a UK based company, our team of expert tax advisers offer the following specialist services:

  • Companies and businesses operating outside of the United Kingdom that are established within the UK.
  • Businesses who invest within the United Kingdom that are based outside of the UK.
  • Individuals returning to the UK from overseas contracts or who want to seek employment outside the United Kingdom.
  • Nationals who are tax residents outside the UK who with to minimise the income tax or capital gains required in the country they are located.
  • The establishment of trusts that are tax efficient and beneficial to the families and dependents of high tax payers.
  • Investors who wish to benefit from the UK property market.

UK New Company Formation

Overseas Corporate Services Ltd offer economic advice and information about taxation and legal requirements for businesses and individuals interested in benefiting from a UK company formation. Call our helpful team today on +44 (0) 207 118 1213 or by completing our contact form.